We are building an employee-owned economy

We are building a future where employee-owned companies are a mainstay of the American economy, where the benefits of employee ownership are widely recognized, and where being employee-owned is seen as one of the defining aspects of a great business.

In this future, employee-owned companies will be the employer of choice for millions of job seekers and being employee-owned will be a major differentiator with clients and consumers. “Employee-owned” will be synonymous with high-quality products, great customer service, and well-paying, stable jobs.

State and local governments will understand that employee-owned companies are tied to local communities in ways that strengthen local economies. Employee-owners and employee-owned companies will identify as being part of a common movement and will work together to build the employee-owned economy.

We are creating national recognition for employee ownership. We are working directly with employee-owned companies to provide them the tools and a playbook that they need to engage their employee-owners and stand out with clients and job seekers.
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